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An advanced debit order system. Insufficient funds? NAEDO will repeatedly check back in on the bank account until there are sufficient funds.

Our “DDF” Direct Debit Facility is the “set and forget” way to have your client make regular payments. It is most effective method used to make ongoing monthly payments.

Another great way to enhance your collection run is to ensure that each account has been properly captured and does in fact belong to your client.

Build solid customer relationships! Have an SMS notification sent to your customers to remind them of upcoming debit orders.

Get comprehensive reports and statistics on all your customers, to ensure that you collect your money on time, and without incident.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a debit order?

What is an EFT debit order?

It is the most basic collection method available, it will only check once on the nominated day for funds in your clients account. If no funds are available another debit with your clients permission would need to be performed.

What is a NAEDO debit order?

Also known as “smart collection” it allows you to track your clients account over a number of Days (up to 32days) , once funds are available it will collect.

Which sectors benefit most from a debit order service?

Any and all businesses that need to get funds from their clients.

What is a Debit Mandate?

A debit order mandate is an authorisation from your client to collect future payments from their account .

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